Vertex HS7000 Vertical Anchorage Line System on Rigid Cable Line

Vertex HS7000 Vertical Anchorage Line System on Rigid Cable Line

SKU: HS7000-C

The Vertex HS7000 vertical anchorage line system protects the user from a fall while ascending or descending a ladder.


The unique feature of this system is a permanent installed stainless steel shock absorber at the top of the line. This offers distinct advantages over the textile absorbers used in other lines in terms of UV degradation and resistance to harsh climatic conditions.


The Vertical Anchorage Line is made of Stainless Steel wire rope. It is held in a rigid position by use of 2 mounting brackets-one at the top and one at the bottom.


The Stainless-steel Rope Grab is directly connected to the user without an additional lanyard.


To maintain the rigidity and high tension in the anchorage line, a screw type mechanical tensioner is provided at the end of the anchorage line at the bottom, connecting it to the lower mounting bracket.


The system is available in five sizes for ladders from 10m to 50m in height.

Also available is an optional Extension Arm to extend the system above the platform for safe disengagement of Fall Arrester from the system while standing on the platform.


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Certified to: EN353-1:2002


Fall protection for:

  • Industrial ladders
  • Telecommunication towers
  • Power transmission towers
  • Windmills


Features and benefits:

  • MOC: Stainless steel grade 316.
  • Shock absorber reduces impact of fall on user as well as receiving structure.
  • Suitable for 1 person.
  • Intermediate cable guides every ten metres to reduce vibrations caused by wind pressure.
  • Trained installers and engineers to install the system.