QTECH Industrial Vented Helmet with Visor Attachment Holes

QTECH Industrial Vented Helmet with Visor Attachment Holes


Fitted with a dense rubber lining and cradle to absorb shock.


Certified to: EN397.


Available colours: orange, red, white, yellow.


When it comes to safety, it’s important to pick the right gear for the job. Our Climbing and Rescue helmets feature a polystyrene liner designed to protect from multiple impacts, whereas our Industrial Safety helmets are built with a cradle liner designed to absorb shock.


Due to the inherent differences between these two systems, it is impossible to manufacture a single helmet that meets both standards.


Do not be misled by manufacturers who claim their helmets meet both standards.


Product Features:

  • Strong, light plastic shell.
  • Low-profile slots for clip-on hearing protection.
  • Multiple clips hold head torch strap in place. (Torch not included.)
  • Venting system allows a continuous flow of air across the head to keep the wearer cool and comfortable, while maintaining impact protection.
  • Three-way adjustable nylon chin strap with robust, off-set clip.
  • Headband ratchet wheel makes adjustment easy for a wide range of head sizes.