11mm Kernmantle Rope and Rope Kits

11mm Kernmantle Rope and Rope Kits


All QSI’s Kernmantle ropes have a high strength polyester sheath to protect the rope against sharp edges during a fall.


Sold by the metre or in rope kits.


Certified to: AS/NZS 4142.3: 1993


Comes in different lengths and options.


STEP 1 - Choose your rope colour:

  • Black rope with lime fleck
  • Orange rope with blue and yellow fleck


STEP 2 - Choose your rope length:

  • Select preset rope lengths from drop down
  • Cusom sizes available - Please contact sales


STEP 3 - Choose your termination type:

  • Rope Only
  • Rope SEL - includes 1 Sewn Eye
  • Rope 2SEL - includes 2 Sewn Eyes
  • Rope SELSK - includes 1 Sewn Eye and 1 Stopknot